Vectrom Tennis Web Platform


Vectrom Web Platform

Project Highlights

  • Original Art & Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom Module Integration
  • Companion App

No Stock Imagery.

No ordinary template.

Vectrom tennis was developed in WordPress, but the similarities to the blogging platform ends there. WordPress’ template and user system has been completely overhauled with the integration of Users Ultra Pro and various achievement style plugins to create a fun, engaging,and one of a kind user experience.

All aspects of the project were managed and developed by me, including:

Custom Graphic Design

The entire look and feel of the web experience was conceptualized by me. I created additional assets such as user profile frames, “Spiral of Progression” art, court components to mock up challenges, and extra graphical flourishes to achieve a unique, one of a kind design.

Web Design & Plugin Development

The Vectrom website is a heavily customized template based off of the Mentor Theme. Little is left of the theme other than base functionality, and additional tasks are accomplished through integration of premium plugins such as Users Ultra Pro and WPAchievements.

Mobile Companion App

Extra time and care was placed in developing the mobile version of the website, utilizing MobiLoud’s service to convert native WordPress applications into companion apps. Each page was fined tuned and designed specifically for viewing on a mobile device and using within the app environment.

Program & Project Overview

What exactly is Vectrom Tennis?

Vectrom Tennis a unique coaching program that incorporates modern tech and game theory in it’s design. Students complete on-court challenges to advance through the program, gaining real-world skills as they “level up” through the ranks and unlock more challenges.


Sign up and visit your account page to track experience and view your current level.


View challenges and track completed ones on the Progression page.


Complete challenges and earn the most points to level up and reach the top of the leaderboard.