Vectrom Tennis Web Platform

The Vectrom Tennis web platform contains a fully customized Wordpress theme, which powers the companion app available on the app store. Complex integration of user account and achievement plugins are hidden beneath a clean aesthetic, with art direction and asset creation completed by me.


St. Paul’s Senior Services

A fully revamped and modern website, I condensed over one hundred pages down to 32 in redesigning the content flow and user experience of navigating their content. Extra detail and development time was put into Services pages, ensuring the information was optimized for every user device.


Sweetwater Valley Civic Association

Sweetwater Valley Civic Association (SVCA) is a hub of community information for the Sweetwater/Bonita area of San Diego. Transitioning off of an old, out-dated site to a modern, responsive design provided the opportunity to edit and reorganize the site’s content to hone in on the message and function of the mission.

The Focus Foundation

The Focus Foundation is a large site website with comprehensive information covering many topics. Strict design consistency and optimal use of customized Visual Composer templates ensured an efficient development schedule despite the complexity of information.


Fast Forward Events

Fast Forward Events is a PR marketing event firm located in San Diego. This site was designed to act as a showcase for their projects, creating a scenario in which a clean design is required to accommodate the varying possibilities of their showcase media.


Ethical H2O

Ethical H2O serves to enact visitors to contact the site for more information about ordering their water filter system. Clear, concise call to actions are strategically placed around the site, which also acts as an information hub regarding filtered water. This keep the user on the site, engaged with the content and one click away from ordering.


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ national website re-launched in 2017 and streamlined their existing web presence. Modern responsive framework laced with an elegant and professional layout lend to the foundation’s image. Utilizes Wordpress Multi-Site to mage local chapter affiliation websites.


Community Resource Center

Community Resource Center was another large, older website that needed to be streamlined and revamped. The entire site is easily laid out in Wordpress’ Visual Composer plugin so that the client can freely edit and update as they wish. A custom Javascript “emergency exit” button was developed and floated on the screen.


Kitchens For Good

Transferring their subdomain’s content into the parent site, this project required a breakdown, reconstruction, and redesign of the old page content into something new and responsive that still fit within the visual boundaries of the parent site.

Jenni June positions itself as the first and last stop when it comes to child sleep care. An informative video feed and blog are the focal points on this project, ensuring visitors find the information they need, and stumble upon things they did not know they needed.