Vengeance – Independent Film Poster

Vengeance is an independent film released by The Picena Company. Complete artistic freedom in layout, tone, and style yielded a poster to that blends classic Western movie imagery with a modern, grittier feel. Custom Photoshop brushes painted the imagery, and fonts edited in Illustrator. See Storyboarding project for more work on Vengeance.

Seductive Affair Poster

Seductive Affair is an independent film released by The Picena Company. Utilizing images from a photo shoot, I applied several filters and image manipulation techniques to achieve a style meant to resemble classic movie posters out of the Noir genre.

Seductive Affair T-Shirt

I created this print form a segment of the Vengeance poster. I felt like this frame had a story that could be told, and I designed this piece to represent the freedom we experience when we become unburdened.

Vectrom Tennis Logo + Branding

Vectrom Tennis launched in 2016 and needed to establish itself with an identity. I developed the initial logo using the company’s product and mission motifs. From there, branding guides were created and print collateral designed to sell the service.


Let me sketch out your next movie! Working closely with the screenwriter, I produced storyboards for the entire Vengeance script.

Pacific American Re-branding

Pacific American Medical Services need a re-brand of their company’s look and feel. Through competitor research and current design trends, I arrived at a solution that updated their image and allowed them to expand upon their marketing.